Friday, August 28, 2009

by: joe lawler

Who: Joel Sires (guitar, vocals), Harper Sires (guitar,vocals), Dylan Sires (guitar,vocals), Devin Ferguson (bass,vocals), Graham Howland (drums,vocals)

Hear them:

Influences: The Beatles, Big Star, The Strokes

See them: 6 p.m. Friday Aug 28th at the Vaudeville Mews, 212 Fourth St.

Their story: The Teddy Boys started five years ago when Harper Sires' punk band split. Looking for other musicians, he started teaching guitar to his younger brother, Joel, and cousin Dylan. The Sires recruited friends Devan Ferguson and Graham Howland, and the band began performing and recording.

The band released its first album, "Love After Dark," in 2007 on the Minneapolis-based The Tyros Label. Joel was happy with the positive press the album attracted from Web sites like"It wasn't just our friends saying 'That's awesome,'" Joel said. "They didn't benefit from liking it, they just liked it. Those type of moments keep you going after five years."

Early next year the band plans to release a follow-up album. They've already recorded 40 songs, and are in the process of choosing which songs make the final cut. They hope to find a label to release the album, then go on tour to support it.

"I'm excited to have a record out that's really good, not one where I think 'I hope they don't listen to track five,'" Joel said. "It's all there and I'm proud of everything on it."


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Still At It

Hello All

We are going AGAIN into the studio today to finish up (hopefully) this album. We have upward of 32 songs. I would really like to put it out on a label, we kind of have our hearts set on New Orleans based PARK THE VAN, home of The High Strung, Dr. Dog & the Spinto band, to name a few. I think it would be an excellent home for us and one that we deserve. So feel free to e-mail them and tell them to put out the next Teddy Boys record. This new year will also bring our 5 year anniversary as a band.

Take Care


Sunday, June 28, 2009

7 Inch + Shows

Hello Friends

So, we have about 30 songs recorded for our next album, some good some bad some great some worse, and we are going to take our time in trying to put together the best record we can. Finding a label is tough. So, we are going to put a 7'' vinyl release together very soon. Tony G. our friend from Ames is helping put it together and releasing it on his brand new label Tee Gee Records. So far the songs i was thinking of using are

1. Misery Street
2. Try, Try, Try (Working Title)
3. Big Drag
4. 3 Stories

We'll see though. Hopefully it will be done and ready by late July. So, we have some awesome shows coming up, including.

Sat. July 11th
at The Silver Dollar Cantina
in Dubuque
9pm $10

Please Check our myspace for further information,

See Ya Soon,


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well Hello

I think i just started a blog. That was easy. Anyways, Hello this is Joel form the Iowa Based Pop band the Teddy Boys, i saw other bands had this form of ceap promotion, so i covered myself in lotion and jumped into the ocean, dig? More to come, i have to go see House of Larges Sizes tonight, very excited. Until then, check